Christmas Eve Lunch


It’s cold outside. You sit and watch snowflakes fall from the window. You can hear chattering in the background. Uncle Jimmy is talking to your mom, Hope. Dave is taking care of the crying newborn baby in the bedroom. Grandma is in the kitchen making some very good but very easy christmas entree recipes that have been brought down in the family for generations, and Grandpa and I are just sitting. Sitting, relaxing and watching as the whole family gets together just as we have for many years now.

It always starts the same way. We all meet up at Grandma and Grandpa’s house the morning of Christmas Eve. My family is usually the first to arrive. Followed by Jimmy’s family, then trailing behind is Dave and his brand new family. We all greet, hug and laugh together for a while before my Grandmother and all the women in my family begin preparing our Christmas Eve lunch. Recipes have been passed down for generations in my family so naturally, everything we make is an easy christmas entree. We have the typical brown sugar ham, roasted deer meat, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green jello salad, bread rolls, and our famous butternut squash soup. That entree is my favorite. Ever since I was a child, my grandmother made that soup just for me and every year since, I know she still does.

When all the ladies are finished preparing the meal, the whole family goes up to the kitchen in a buffet style and helps ourselves to anything and everything we wanted. We take our seats around the dining table, pray and give our thanks for all we are blessed enough to have, and begin to eat. It’s still cold outside and the snowflakes are still falling. The chatter has quite down now, no one wants to ruin their meal. All is good and well in the Pike Household as it is every year for our Christmas Eve lunch.